Fuck It. Let's Listen to Vin Diesel's Song

Why not? What do we have to lose?

You know what?

Fuck it


Let’s listen to Vin Diesel’s song.

Have you heard this yet? Vin Diesel—you know, the Vin Diesel you know—just put out this song called “Feel Like I Do.” He released it on EDM person Kygo’s label. I’m assuming Kygo produced it. I don’t know much about EDM.

Did you see how he premiered it? He played it on Kelly Clarkson’s show and the virtual audience all danced to it.

I mean. Why not? Seems like everyone had fun. They’re making the best of it. Idk.

Vin Diesel, from the Fast & Furious movies, did that. He made the song. As he explained while seemingly fighting off a palmful of Ambien he took before recording the video, he hasn’t been able to make those movies, so he needed a different creative outlet.

I can relate, Vin. I’ve been using this as a creative outlet during the pandemic. Also I was bummed the new one wasn’t gonna come out on my birthday like it was supposed to. So, you know what? Fuck it. Let’s listen to Vin Diesel’s song. Let’s even dance on a big Zoom call in front of Kelly Clarkson. Why not? What else is going on?

Every single person “dancing” in that “room” is thinking, Huh. Didn’t think I’d be dancing to Vin Diesel today. But, you know what? Life’s funny. Fuck it. And they danced to Vin Diesel.

What else do we have to do right now? Most of us are just sitting at home right now. A lot of us are still locked in some catatonic state of exhausted confusion after the debate. Why not listen to some Vin Diesel? Fuck it! You don’t even have to dance. Do what you want. Keep working or feeding the dog or whatever you’re doing.

And let’s not make it out to be some punishment. It’s not that bad, right? He kinda sounds like Shaggy. We loved “Wasn’t Me,” didn’t we? It’s got that tropical flavor, too. Sure, it’s fall now, so it’s a weird time to release a song with that vibe. But, time isn’t really a thing right now. So, fuck it. Right? Why not? Still warm enough in some places.

Seems like a nice enough guy, too. He doesn’t say too much. He got in that shit with The Rock over derailing the Fast and Furious movies in favor of the spin-off (which sucked), so I think I’m with him on that. The music isn’t derailing anything. The pandemic did that. What’s he supposed to do, nothing? Let him make music and, fuck it, let’s listen to it. He took the time to do it. That’s hard! What else are you doing today? Why not?

Is this gonna be the song of the summer? No, summer is over. But, like, let’s say it was June. Could it be? Probably not. It’s not great. But it’s harmless. Lyrics are pretty innocuous. It’s an EDM song. Could be worse. Could be way worse. I don’t even really like EDM. But it’s fine. It’s fine! Maybe you like it, and that’s cool. Maybe you don’t. That’s cool, too. But now you’ve at least heard it so you know for sure, rather than guess if you’d like it or not. Form your own opinions! Try new things! Fuck it! And if someone asks if you’ve heard the song by Vin Diesel from The Chronicles of Riddick, you can say, “Yes, I have.”

And he did tell us back in March that this was coming. So it’s not like we should all be that surprised. Oh my god! Vin Diesel from XXX made a song! Yeah, he did. It’s called “Feel Like I Do.”

Shit’s weird, man. Not because Vin Diesel from Babylon A.D. made music. That’s fine. He’s got every right to do that. It’s literally everything else in the world that’s weird. So, we might as well listen to Vin Diesel’s song, right?

Vin Diesel!

Fuck it!

Today’s Snakes and Sparklers musical guest is Vin Diesel from Guardians of the Galaxy.

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